Our Bidder' Responsibility

Experienced bidders from Sheriffsale.com will submit bids up to but not exceeding the maximum bid that clients have authorized. It is possible that our bidders will be able to secure the property for thousands less than their highest bid. SheriffSale.com will only submit the required ten percent. Any funds in excess of the representation and processing fee will be refunded to the online bidder within 7 business days unless directed otherwise by our member.

Securing Your Bid At the Sale

SheriffSale.com will submit your ten percent deposit to the Sheriff's Office on the day of the live sale. A receipt of your deposit and specific instructions for paying the 90% balance will be sent to you via a traceable courier and email. You will have 30 days to pay the balance of your bid for the property, unless you request and receive an extension from the Philadelphia Sheriff’s office.